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I was lonely for so long
But what if he needs those memories in order to wake up? What if they're the key?
I don’t actually erase any memories-just take apart the links and rearrange them.
I don’t exist in anyone’s heart.
Character: Naminé

Series: Kingdom Hearts

Version: 358/2 Days, just after she tells Xion something very important.

Age: Physically, she looks 15. Actually, she’s only a little over a year.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Naminé is a sweet, small girl, especially in comparison to other Nobodies like the Organization members. She stands just around five feet in height and is thin as well, adding onto her small stature. Her hair is a light, pale / platinum blonde in color and she wears it twisted over her right shoulder. Her eyes are a pure, icy blue in color, accentuating her pale complexion. She wears a simple white sundress that falls to about mid-thigh and matching white sandals.
At first glance, Naminé appears to be a very quiet and easily manipulated girl. In reality, this is only partially true. Because she was born without memories of her previous life, Naminé didn’t remember what it was like to feel emotions and this made her very easy to manipulate. She followed orders without question as she had nothing else to use as guidance. Slowly, as she watched Sora, she started to realize she had feelings, and she began to feel remorse for what she was doing to Sora. Through this, she gained the strength she needed to take the opportunity to escape that Axel offered to her. When the time comes for her to step up to disobey orders in the name of doing right for Sora, for the good of everyone, or simply to redeem herself, Naminé will come through.

She’s realized what she did to Sora and the knowledge still eats at her, showing a sense of responsibility, especially with Xion getting thrown into the mix. Trying to fix what happened in Castle Oblivion caused her great pain as well, but she knows she has to do it, and once she sets her mind to doing something she knows needs to be done, she will do it. Naminé is reliable in that way. She may also wish desperately to be able to stand up to someone verbally, but as of yet she’s unable to do so. Castle Oblivion helped to push her along the right path, but she’s still not strong enough mentally. Naminé also has great capacity for caring. She has come to feel a sort of sympathy for Xion and Roxas, and as a result, she’s sorry for what she has to do to them.
Personality-wise, Naminé is only just beginning to grow into herself as a person and accept that she can change things if she wants to. Physically, she is very small, lending her to being physically weak and as a result, she is incapable of protecting herself. She has no weaponry, and no reason for it. The only truly remarkable ability she has, and one for which she is constantly hunted, is her ability to manipulate Sora’s memories. This also gives her the ability to affect the memories of people close to Sora. She can change any memory she wishes, inserting anything in its place, relocating specific memories, implanting memories into someone else, or even erasing them altogether. Alongside this, she’s able to create items affected by the memories.

These abilities are put into practice throughout Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. She can also open Corridors of Darkness, as she is a Nobody. She retains a talent for drawing and is often seen with crayon and sketchbook in hand.
Naminé is not strong at all in the physical sense and is very often overpowered by everyone around her. She can be used as a hostage and kept as a prisoner very, very easily, and is several times forced to do things against her will. She’s also very soft-spoken, which can make her difficult to hear. With her new-found sense of remorse and responsibility, Naminé can be easy to manipulate. She’s still figuring out what emotions are and how to deal with them. This sets her up for someone who knows the ways emotions work to manipulate her. Facing frightening things or people, her first reaction is to flee, but she’s slowly growing so she’ll be able to stand up for what she believes in.

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